At Fashion Talks you can listen to inspiring talks ON STAGE and participate in smaller break-out sessions OFF STAGE. In addition to the speakers in our programme we invited several professionals from different fields in the industry (retailers, press, finance, production, marketing, wholesale,...) to join our Fashion Talks network. We would like to give you the chance to meet and talk to that one professional you have always wanted to meet. The professionals will be available for a 30 minute talk with you. There are a limited number of time slots available. Please fill in this form before November 15th, only after purchasing your Fashion Talks ticket of course. Provide a short motivation for the professional you would like to meet including the subject of your talk.

Only Fashion Talks ticket holders can apply for 'Talk with the Industry'. We will gradually add names to the list of professionals, feel free to apply for several talks with different people during the coming weeks. In case you get selected as one of the lucky few, you will receive a confirmation mail before November 20th.

Meet the professionals