Navigating fashion’s digital transformation: trends and strategies for success

Julia Olivo, Leslie Lee & Martin Van Den Abeele

The fashion industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift with the advent of digital transformation, reshaping how brands design, market, and sell their products. This dynamic session will explore the rapid industry changes, where market intelligence transforms trend forecasting and inventory management; how digital innovation fosters sustainability; and the secrets of e-commerce mastery and global expansion. This session is a concise roadmap for fashion professionals aiming to harness digital trends and strategies for a successful, sustainable future.

Julia Olivo

Digital Transformation Specialist, Lectra

Julia Olivo is a seasoned Digital Transformation Specialist at Lectra, boasting over a decade of experience in the fashion and apparel market. Her multifaceted background as both a designer and patternmaker has enriched her expertise, which is further accentuated by her experience in PLM implementations tailored for the fashion industry. Julia's role at Lectra encompasses assisting clients in crystallizing their digital projects, ensuring they're rooted in sustainability and aligned with cutting-edge global fashion practices of the 4.0 industry. Her educational foundation is solidified with a Master's Degree in both Business and Fashion Design.

Leslie Lee

Marketplace Specialist , Neteven, Lectra

Leslie Lee, a distinguished expert in the fashion industry, combines her California origins with global expertise cultivated in Paris. Her career spans over 15 years, marked by versatility across various domains such as design, visual merchandising, marketing, and sales. Specializing in Luxury Couture, she is an alumnus of ESMOD, Paris. Leslie's career is distinguished by her innovative approach to digital fashion, evidenced by her role in global business development for a leading digital fashion platform. She further amplified her impact by successfully launching Zalando's Connected Retail in France. Currently, Leslie holds an International Business Development role at Neteven, a Lectra company, where she leverages her extensive experience to advance digital strategies for fashion and beauty brands across leading international marketplaces.

Martin Van Den Abeele

AI Benchmarking Specialist, Business Development, Retviews, Lectra

With an unwavering passion for fashion and a sharp business acumen, Martin Van Den Abeele stands as a pivotal figure in the realm of fashion technology. As an AI benchmarking specialist and the Business Development Manager for Retviews, a Lectra company, Martin has been instrumental in driving the company's expansion and strategic initiatives across the EMEA region since 2020. Under his guidance, Retviews, known for its automated benchmarking tool, empowers fashion brands like Dior, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren to make data-driven decisions about their collections and market strategies. His expertise in integrating technology with fashion retail has made him a key influencer in the industry, driving the adoption of AI and analytical tools in fashion decision-making.

About Lectra

With 50 years of expertise in fashion, Lectra is driving innovations that transform the fashion industry. Thanks to its combination of software equipment, data tools and services, Lectra is accelerating its clients transition to Industry 4.0. Lectra provides solutions specifically designed for fashion companies to manage the entire value chain. Brands can improve their entire collection lifecycle: from raw material scouting and coding to mapping key marketplaces, till using competitive intelligence for strategic choices.

During Fashion Talks, discover Retviews, the automated benchmarking platform that provides brands with AI-powered real-time data on competitors' assortment, discount and pricing strategies, in a fraction of the time spent benchmarking manually; learn about Neteven, the perfect marketplace management solution for fashion brands providing brands with a platform and services to integrate, manage and optimize their digital sales on leading marketplaces; and get to know Kubix Link PLM, a configurable cloud-based platform that helps streamline collection collaboration allowing you to manage all your product data, from sketch to storefront.