Fashion stylist & creative director

Tom Eerebout

Tom Eerebout, a stylist and fashion consultant from Belgium, has made a significant impact in the industry. After refining his skills as an assistant in London, he developed a distinctive storytelling aesthetic. Some of Eerebout's impressive clientele include Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Banks, Austin Butler, and Sylvie Kreusch.

With a decade of experience, he has worked on international tours, music videos, red carpets, editorials, and campaigns. Notably, Eerebout served as the Fashion Director for Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residencies, "Enigma," "Jazz and Piano," and "The Chromatica Ball" alongside Sandra Amador. Most recently he has also designed a capsule collection of sunglasses for Komono and a Unisex jewelry line for Elliot & Ostrich.

His versatile and captivating styles demonstrate his exceptional eye for detail. Through his styling and fashion consultancy, Eerebout continues to leave a lasting impact, harnessing fashion's power to tell compelling stories.