BREAK-OUT: Digital Fashion (Shayli en Muchaneta)

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Founder & editor in chief FashNerd 

Muchaneta Kapfunde is the founder of platform,, a digital news site that focuses on the merger of fashion with technology. Currently considered one of the leading influencers speaking and writing about the merger of fashion with technology, Muchaneta is also a contributor at Vogue Business and a senior contributor at The Interline. 

Additionally, as a fashion innovation consultant, Muchaneta has worked with LVMH Atelier and most recently has taken on the role of Associate Lecturer at London College Fashion at UAL. 

Founder MUTANI

Shayli Harrison is an Antwerp Fashion Department alumna and the founder of Mutani, a digital fashion unitive that connects radical designers with their aesthetic equal in digital creation to produce digital fashion assets for wear in cyberspace. 

Mutani is the first digital fashion startup in Belgium and aims to be the premier source for the most far out fashion in the cyberscene. Helping designers reach creative and financial emancipation through fashion digitisation.

Up to date with the fast-paced tech climate, Harrison is versed on topics such as: blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), decentralisation, web3.0 and the metaverse and how these concepts can be integrated into traditional fashion industry models.