Founder & CEO of Shape Innovate - Founder of

Muchaneta Ten Napel

Muchaneta Ten Napel founded two significant entities within the fashion industry - Shape Innovate, which bridges policy and fashion, and, a digital portal focusing on the interplay of fashion and innovation. She has previously contributed to Vogue Business and currently holds the position of Senior Contributor at The Interline. Muchaneta has a decade of experience in fashion PR and is a renowned keynote speaker. She has delivered speeches at events, including the Global Fashion Summit, Premiere Vision, and Munich Fabric Start.

Muchaneta has recently participated with the UN UNFCC and Climate KIC at COP27. She currently holds the position of Chairperson for the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI) Taskforce under the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub.

In terms of academia, Ten Napel holds the position of Associate Lecturer at the London College of Fashion, UAL. Her teaching experience extends to other institutions, such as Conde Nast College of Fashion, and she has conducted workshops at the Zurich University of Arts.