Lucie Greene

Trends to Watch for 2020: Leading Futurist Lucie Greene unpacks the key trends impacting the fashion industry for year ahead — including emerging consumer and cultural shifts; new lifestyle trends; retail and technology innovations, and more.

Lucie Greene is a futurist, author and brand consultant. She has led J. Walter Thompson’s global futures think tank JWT Intelligence for five years, steering original research into emerging consumer behaviors, cultural shifts and lifestyle trends with JWT Intelligence leading units around the world, while also consulting JWT’s many Fortune 500 clients. In August 2018, Lucie released her debut book with Counterpoint entitled, Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What it Means for Our Future. The book was awarded 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award in Current Events and Public Affairs in 2018. Lucie has been featured as an expert on trends and consumer insights on the BBC, Fox News, CBS, CNBC and Bloomberg TV as well as contributing pieces to Campaign, The Guardian, The New York Daily News and The Financial Times. She has spoken at several international conferences and is also a board advisor to leading companies, including Cosmetic Executive Women USA.