Jonathan Holslag

The current world order (and disorder) will shape the world of our children and grandchildren. In his keynote session, Professor Holslag will share his views on the most salient geopolitical challenges of the coming years and how these will shape our economies, our companies, and ultimately our lives. All of us should allow time and attention for a better understanding of these challenges so we prepare our businesses and ourselves for the years to come. Jonathan Holslag teaches international politics at the Free University of Brussels. His research focuses on international relations, great power politics and Europe’s position in the changing global order. He's a convinced generalist! It is Jonathan's belief that the study of international politics is best served by a holistic approach that combines theory with facts and connects the different layers of diplomacy: economics, military force, norms, etc.

Jonathan considers himself an old-fashioned academic and loves to spend time at home in the Belgian countryside to read, think, and write. As the Italian humanist Francesco Vettori put it: zest one draws from the folly of the crowd, inspiration comes with travelling, sagacity only matures in uttermost tranquillity.