FashionTech Works Pitch

FashionTech Works Antwerp is an international program in the framework of United Fashion, hosted by Flanders DC with the support of Creative Europe. 

24 FashionTech cases from 11 countries are invited to attend workshops on the topics Circular Fashion, The Future of Shopping and Wearable Tech. Discussing the current and future state of these topics while pinpointing the main challenges and opportunities as well as the limits and drivers.

With this program we also wish to create visibility for all participants. For all entrepreneurs bringing your innovative concept in a comprehensive and appealing way is a must. With the pitch battle we challenge them to get to the core of their concept, the problem they are solving, the solution they are bringing, now and in the future. 

Selected by a voting panel and the FashionTech community, the best two cases will present their pitch aiming to win the pitch battle. APA-Intemporal & DyeCoo were voted best. The Fashion Talks audience can vote for their favourite and decide the winner. The visibility and experience on stage is of course a big part of the victory. The winner will receive a co-creation track of 20 hours with creative experts from Antwerp, according to personal preference, offered by Antwerp.Powered by creatives.

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