BREAK-OUT: Fashion Inspired by Product Design - Wolk & DEW

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Antwerp, city of fashion and design. Antwerp is known for its Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Nowadays Antwerp product designers are also making the move to the fashion industry. How do they tackle this and what is their focus? An introduction of two young labels: WOLK and DEW, founded by Product designers. In this break-out they're bringing their story and philosophy.

Ellen Cattebeke is one of the founders of the apparel label Wolk. With their experience as designers of outdoor-sports apparel it made no sense to them that performance materials didn’t find their way into our daily wardrobes. With Wolk they bridge this gap by applying materials and technologies from the outdoor-sports industry in a wardrobe for the city.

Jonathan De Clercq is the creative brain behind the new brand DEW. The brand breathes urban style, which is the result of Jonathan's constant search for the perfect balance between robust functionality and urban aesthetics in all his creations.

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