Co-founder of MASJIEN

Ann Claes

Ann Claes is co-founder of MASJIEN, the agency for fashion, sustainability and technology. Together with Jasmien Wynants, they specialize in providing consultancy, delivering engaging presentations and orchestrating seamless project management services centered around driving innovation within the fashion industry. Pushing buttons and boundaries.

With over 25 years of professional experience in the fashion sector, Ann Claes has held various pivotal roles, including international business development, sales direction and project management at Veronique Branquinho, Delvaux, FNG Group, Flanders Fashion Institute and Flanders DC.

Ann's passion for innovation led her into the realms of Web3, where she co-founded the digital fashion brand MUTANI and initiated the Web32 movement, dedicated to exploring the metaverse and the Web3 landscape in Belgium. Furthermore, Ann Claes is an active member of the boards of prominent Belgian retail groups, CRG and Duror. Her insightful perspectives on technology are shared through her monthly column published in de Tijd.

As a techno-optimist, Ann loves connecting people and ideas so one plus one becomes three.